About Us

We're not just a travel website...we're travellers too!

Founded in 2016 by Natasha and Will Spokes, FarCloser Travel Inc. formed to do one thing: empower travellers.

FarCloser provides factual, impartial results to help you select your tour or cruise with confidence! With FarCloser, discover the trip you truly want without the hassle of sorting through those you don’t. Compare and easily eliminate tours side by side, both on an interactive map and in a column view.


It all started while planning a trip to Vietnam. Having never been to this part of the world before, our main research resource for finding the best travel ideas and tours were online travel sites.

We quickly found the amount of information and online tour operators to be vastly OVERWHELMING. This spun us into analysis paralysis because we wanted to find THE PERFECT tour…and it was just too hard to compare bouncing from site to site for this perfection.

Why was there no easy way to compare the tours side by side and on one map?

With this main frustration, FarCloser Travel was born so other travellers wouldn’t have the same hassle.  For less research headaches, we’ve developed an application where you can easily search multiple tours and cruises and compare all the travel information side by side.  Much more relaxing than searching multiple sites or pouring through dozens of brochures!